The Untamed Body Moving Therapies

“You were once wild here; don’t let them tame you” – Isadora Duncan

Amber met Emilie Conrad in 1998, through their shared passion for Haitian dance and tradition. Now proudly a Continuum teacher aligned with the Continuum Teachers Association, she honored Emilie’s request that she develop a program to teach Continuum for advanced practitioners working with trauma, and for survivors of trauma. Polyvagal-informed Continuum manifests in Radical Freedom: A Master class for Continuum with Trauma, and Continuurhythm® program, a practice that integrates continuum, polyvagal theory, DMT and Haitian healing traditions into a moving, Continuum-based approach to state shift from fear-based states to states of safety and love.

She also teaches Continuum through the lens of its original roots in Haiti’s ancient spiritual practice in:

  • At The Crossroads: The Serpent’s Dream // Depths retreat
  • What the Spine Knows // Workshop
  • Movement Mysterium // Workshop + class series

Every year Amber facilitates a rewilding retreat, swimming with humpback whales and restorative movement in the magical Kingdom of Tonga, Dancing the Wild Home.

Amber offers many other Continuum classes, depths and rewilding retreats, immersions and master classes. For more information about these, and/or mentoring with Amber to become a Continuum Teacher through her Continuum Mentoring Programs worldwide, including the Continuum Australia® program, contact Amber.

Yogaballah is a trauma-informed, liquid body and fluid movement inspired Yoga practice that “marries” the Asana’s with polyvagal theory and Continuum. Because the nature of trauma is to reduce options and choice, movement practices that are taught vs felt and experienced from the inside can maintain movement patterns and narratives that may or may not serve us.

Amber’s unique approach to teaching yoga combines almost 40 years of practice with over 20 years as an innovating somatic and dance movement therapist. Amber taught her first yoga class in war torn Guatemala in 1985, and later taught in Kosovo in 2000, and Haiti in 2004 and 2010. She advised The Center for Victims of Torture on yoga classes for survivors, and her theories inform other trauma-informed yoga programs. This unique approach “loosens the reins” of practice to allow fluid, undulating and unwinding movement within the practice that restores choice to how we move and be in our bodies; regulates the nervous system and state-shifts in service of safety, social engagement and bio-plasticity™.

Additional “Untamed Body” Trainings:

  • Dancing the Wild Home: A Restorative Movement and Whale Encounter Retreat
  • Continuum at The Edge: Moving Through Uncertainty & Change with Grace & Ease
  • Radical Freedom: A Polyvagal-Informed Continuum Master Class for Trauma
  • Fluid Heart, Open Mind: A Contemplative Continuum Approach for Mindful Change & Heartfull Action
  • Elemental Continuum
  • Stirring the Stars: Embodying the Three Anatomies of Continuum


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