Services for movement & life practice

Continuurhythm® services provides an innovative movement practice that is based on our bodies natural capacities for healing, balance and restoration, after traumatic experience(s). There are four primary influences on Continuurhythm services for movement and life practice:

  • Continuum, a movement and life practice
  • The Poly Vagal Theory
  • Ceremonial Traditions of Haiti
  • Dance Movement Therapy

Continuurhythm services include:

  • Psychotherapy
  • Movement and dance based psychotherapy
  • Somatic psychotherapy
  • Movement practice
  • Mindfulness practice
  • Therapeutic rhythm practice (drumming, dance and movement)
  • Life practice
  • Focusing on the post trauma restorative process

Continuurhythm services are based on the originators 20+ years of engagement with these practices and traditions. The integration of these four (and other) practices (interpersonal neurobiology; movement arts and sciences; cranial-sacral therapy, life impressions bodywork, studies and initiations in other indigenous cultures and spiritual practices) combine to create both structured and process-oriented movement inquiries and experiences that are therapeutic, restorative and healing for those affected by trauma, as well as those who wish to invite deeper encounters with the mystery. Movement is life, and rather than only focus on trauma histories, this practice focuses on both the broad-scape and focused elements of our individual and collective memory: it is a unique integration of current science with ancient healing art.

Continuurhythm services offer:

  • Restorative well being for those exposed to traumatic experience
  • Restoring our natural birthright capacity for fluid movement, perception, feeling, cognition and action
  • Increased flexibility, vitality and a connection to life
  • Informed movement practice for the restoration of life following major catastrophic, traumatic or stressful life experience
  • Inquiry into the mystery of life, and our interconnectedness with the planet and galaxies; our ancestors and our future families

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