Clinical and Restorative Services

* Amber’s supervision, mentoring and consulting practice is available virtually. She specializes in sessions for tending to our own fires; cultivating self compassion and self-love; clinical supervision for trauma-informed somatic and arts-based therapies, “polyvagalising” our practices, and working with survivors of complex trauma *

Restorative Resources Training & Consulting, LLC is the pathway for the training and consultation services offered by Amber Gray. RRTC’s mission is to “collaborate with existing individual and communal resources to support systems of restoration and well-being that promote resiliency, are culturally congruent and respectful, and in service of evolution”. All training and consultation services are mindful of the deep connection humans have with our planet and all its inhabitants, and emphasize resiliency for climate change, mass migration, and planetary wholeness.

RRTC offers two primary services: Training and Consultation, including supervision and mentoring. Amber’s training and consultation is based on her 23 years as a human right psychotherapist and dance movement psychotherapist. Amber is also available for inspiring, embodied, engaged keynote presentations, participatory lectures, and inspiring talks in university classrooms, conferences or lecture series. See Publications to hear her speak.

Clinical Supervision and Mentoring:

Clinical supervision and consultation (live and virtual) for students and recent graduates seeking licensure (LPC, LPCC) and certification (R-DMT, BC-DMT) and for experienced mental health professionals interested in enhancing their skills with trauma, refugee mental health and torture treatment; and mindfulness, body and creative arts based approaches to trauma treatment.

Mentoring (live and virtual) for Continuum students and practitioners, Dance/Movement Therapists, Somatic Psychologists, and anyone interested in cultivating embodiment, compassion and presence, especially when working with interpersonal trauma, and humanitarian response. Amber’s approach is supportive, mindful, heart-full, body-full and client centered. She inspires supervisees and mentees to recognize and access their own brilliance in their work. Amber is trained in reflective supervision and spiritual (shamanic) facilitation.

Restorative Psychotherapy for individuals, couples, families and groups:

Amber integrates the many modalities she practices into her embodied, relational, creative approach to psychotherapy and counseling. Her work is “un-standardized”, meeting each client’s unique needs. Relying on intuition, practice-based evidence, her deep understanding of the polyvagal theory in action, and her open heart, she offers intensive psychotherapy for survivors of extreme interpersonal abuse. Please inquire if this is right for you.

Staff Support Consultation services for organizations, agencies and institutions serving survivors of trauma:

Creatively tailored staff support programming for organizations working in disaster response and complex humanitarian emergencies, as well as trauma treatment programs, mental health agencies, community-based and activist programs, and environmental and wilderness organizations. Amber continues to innovate the integration of body-mind practices (yoga, movement therapy, somatic awareness and creative arts) into these programs.

Her “HeArt of Embodied Resilience” self care program, and “Tending the Helper’s Fire” staff support programs have served as the foundation of her work supporting humanitarian responders and trauma therapists in Darfur, Haiti, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Mexico, Peru, Norway, Australia, New Zealand, the United States and elsewhere. She fearlessly led a country and agency inclusive locally-based staff support program in post earthquake Haiti, at the request of local staff who did not want to participate in the usual internationally-based processes that undermine local culture and context. She played lead roles in multi-agency staff care programs in post-tsunami Indonesia, Darfur (Sudan and Chad) during the conflict, and wrote a program for the refugee crisis in Jordan. In all these programs the polyvagal theory informs the promotion of relative safety, creative engagement and space to rest, settle and play.

Selected Trainings, Workshops, and Retreats:

NOTE: All trainings can be tailored to your context and audience.

  • Body as Voice: Restorative Movement Psychotherapy for Survivors of Trauma Training Series
  • The HeArt of Embodied Resilience
  • Restoring Core Rhythmicity: Polyvagal-informed Movement Therapies
  • Roots, Rhythm, Regulation: Ancient Practices for Modern Healing
  • Rhythm, Regulation and Reciprocity: Cultivating Clinical Intuition and Reciprocity
  • Radical Freedom: A Polyvagal-Informed Continuum Master Class for Trauma
  • Tending the Helper’s Fire: Somatic and Mindfulness based Self Care Practices
  • Tending the Helper’s Fire: Organizational Approaches to Staff Support
  • Compassion Resilience: A Self Care Playshop
  • Trauma and The Moving Body: Our Clients, Our Selves
  • Dancing the Wild Home: A Restorative Movement and Whale Encounter Retreat
  • Continuum at The Edge: Moving Through Uncertainty & Change with Grace & Ease
  • Fluid Heart, Open Mind: A Contemplative Continuum Approach for Mindful Change & Heartfull Action

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