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“Every human being has the right to inhabit their bodies in a way that they choose.”

The convergence of Amber’s 30 years in humanitarian work, 40 years of yoga practice, and 20 years in Somatic Psychology, Dance/Movement Therapy, and other body-based therapies has inspired a body of work that she regularly teachers globally. Amber’s expertise is in Restorative Movement Therapies, bridging new research to clinical, body-based approaches to psychology, healing and restoration; and self-exploration with fluid, liberating movement practices.

Amber’s unique components based Poto Mitan framework for trauma and resiliency is named for the center space or place that serves as deep healing in the spiritual and healing tradition of Haiti, as taught to her by one of Haiti’s most beloved Mambo’s. Spiritual practice and traditional healing, neuro-scientific research, clinical theory, and 22 years of applied practice in intense and often dangerous contexts equally inform this framework. The framework, while developed through work with refugees, asylum seekers and others displaced by violence, war, torture, and other extreme forms of interpersonal trauma and human rights violations is relevant for all types of trauma.

Primary influences on this framework are the Polyvagal Theory, Somatic Psychology, Dance/Movement Therapy, Body-Mind Centering, Continuum, indigenous healing practices, Contemplative Psychology, Eco-Psychology, Hatha Yoga, Trauma-informed Yoga Therapy and years of experience in complex humanitarian emergencies, disaster and humanitarian response work, refugee resettlement and torture treatment. This framework, along with Restorative Movement Psychotherapy (RMP) – its clinical and practical counterpart – is taught through the Body as Voice series.

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Diversity , Equity and Justice Commitment:

Restorative Resources Training & Consulting; Trauma Resources International & Amber Gray Movement Therapies are committed to creating a learning community where diverse perspectives are welcome, respected, & encouraged. Diverse perspectives enrich clinical skills & support our shared humanity through strengthening our capacity for empathy, self-compassion/compassion, reflection, respectful communication & action, reciprocity & belonging. We welcome feedback that promotes diversity, equity & justice in course materials & in course learning & sharing.

Selected Trainings, Workshops, and Retreats:

* All can be tailored to your context and audience.

  • Body as Voice: Restorative Movement Psychotherapy for Survivors of Trauma Training Series
  • The HeArt of Embodied Resilience
  • Restoring Core Rhythmicity: Polyvagal-informed Movement Therapies
  • Roots, Rhythm, Regulation: Ancient Practices for Modern Healing
  • Rhythm, Regulation and Reciprocity: Cultivating Clinical Intuition and Reciprocity
  • Radical Freedom: A Polyvagal-Informed Continuum Master Class for Trauma
  • Tending the Helper’s Fire: Somatic and Mindfulness based Self Care Practices
  • Tending the Helper’s Fire: Organizational Approaches to Staff Support
  • Compassion Resilience: A Self Care Playshop
  • Trauma and The Moving Body: Our Clients, Our Selves
  • Dancing the Wild Home: A Restorative Movement and Whale Encounter Retreat
  • Continuum at The Edge: Moving Through Uncertainty & Change with Grace & Ease
  • Fluid Heart, Open Mind: A Contemplative Continuum Approach for Mindful Change & Heartfull Action
  • Elemental Continuum
  • Stirring the Stars: Embodying the Three Anatomies of Continuum

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