Weaving a Fascial Web: A Continuum Australia® Moving Immersion // Tasmania

Dates: November 26-27, 2022
Location: South Hobart Living Arts Centre, 14 Weld Street, South Hobart, Tasmania
Times: Sat 1pm – 6pm • Sun 9:30am – 2pm
Price: $300 • Early bird rate: $250 till Oct 26, 2022
Registration: Contact Salome Rosa info@fromwithin.com.au or 0437 405 213

How do we rise up, hold ourselves together, let go and lay down to rest? What supports our capacity to center, and our sense of containment? What connects us internally and through all time to our human and evolutionary ancestors? This weekend Continuum immersion is an embodied exploration of these questions.

The human body expresses life through movement. Movement is our flow. Fascia is a connective tissue that is essential to this flow.

“This immersion focuses on fascia as a sustainer and container of support, using Continuum to weave soundscapes, breath and movement together to restore our innate fluidity. Everyday life patterns can make movement static, painful and inefficient. Waking up the vibrancy of fascia, we begin to move, breathe, think and act with greater ease and depth. The integration of Polyvagal theory offers an evolutionary perspective of fascia as a resource for calm, connection and resilience through an ancestral web.”

Weaving a Fascial Web