To Dance is Human // Online

To Dance is Human:
Polyvagal Informed Dance and Movement Therapy for Resilience

When we dance, we participate in the wisdom that has permeated all life for eons. Bees, whales, trees, and clouds all dance. Rituals and Ceremonies that center dance exist in many places and is equally absent or hidden in places forever changed by colonization.

Dance as ritual, dance as ceremony, dance as therapy, dance as
engagement with life is a pathway to transformation, healing, and emergent consciousness through state-shifting. We will explore this PVIDMT concept and practice through simple somatic and movement-based structured practices, theory, and a little dancing at the edge. To honor the solstice, we will practice letting our dark shine.

Location: Online
Dates: December 21, 2023
Times: 12 – 2:30 PM MST