The Polyvagal Certificate Course// Online

Safety, Connection, and the Human Experience

This course is an in-depth exploration of the Polyvagal Theory and its application to our personal and professional lives, Dr. Stephen Porges and 9 leading experts in the fields of neuroscience, healthcare, and therapeutics offer a course that explores Polyvagal Theory like no other. Students finish this course equipped with practices, concepts, and a community to embody and refine their application of polyvagal principles whether it is with themselves, their families, friends, clients, or colleagues. Class size is limited to offer you the best interactive learning experience possible, so hurry and register today!


Course Outline:

Module 1 – Sep 22: Our Autonomic Nervous System
Module 2 – Oct 06: Hierarchy – Our Neurophysiological States
Module 3 – Oct 20: Neuroception – Our Threat and Safety System
Module 4 – Nov 03: Listening to Our Bodies
First Live Discussion with Dr. Porges – Mon, Nov 06
Module 5 – Nov 17: Co-regulation – How Our Nervous Systems Speak to Each Other
Module 6 – Dec 15: Community as Medicine
Module 7 – Jan 05: Movement and Self-Regulation
Module 8 – Jan 19: Relationships: Home to Workplace
Second Live Discussion with Dr. Porges – Fri, Jan 26
Module 9 – Feb 02: Living Polyvagal

Live course meetings and discussions are scheduled for 12pm ET