The Dance of Interoception: A Path for Truth to Power // Online

“The Dance of Interoception: A Path for Truth to Power”

#RightToEmbody with Dr. Amber Elizabeth Gray

Saturday, January 30th, 2021
6:00 PM EST/US


Psychotherapy as a behavioral medicine has long promoted the power of the therapist as healer for the client. All psychotherapies, including somatic psychotherapies, have been historically rooted in euro-centric, northern hemisphere, dominant culture, and white supremacist perspective. Notions like safety, self-agency, and therapeutic relationship derive from a limited and limiting worldview. In this presentation, a human rights framework for somatic and dance/movement therapy, co-developed with client survivors of war and torture, will scaffold a deeper dive into how interoception in Dance/Movement Therapy promotes micro-empowerments towards reciprocal alliance for survivors of relational, social, collective and ancestral trauma. Breath, body and movement-based practices and processes from the presenters Polyvagal-informed Soma-Movement and Dance Therapies will offer participants embodied explorations of this theoretical framework in the laboratory of their own bodies. All practices support refined interoception as a pathway to empowerment and truth speaking in clients’ restorative processes, in both individual and collective contexts, and as practice to cultivate therapist/facilitator presence.

The Embodied Social Justice Summit is FREE & ONLINE, January 27-31, 2021.

Our intention with this event is to explore the intersection of oppression and embodiment; how oppressive social structures are embedded within bodies (we include the psyche when talking about the body), and how through engaging the body we can respond to the social justice issues of our time, and begin the work of dismantling oppressive systems in our reach towards personal and communal liberation.

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