The Brilliant Body Podcast

Join Ali Mezey, host of The Brilliant Body Podcast, for a captivating conversation with Amber Gray, a distinguished Human Rights Psychotherapist and Somatic and Dance/Movement Therapist (and friend of whales). In this exclusive event, Ali and Amber will delve into the profound insights gained from Amber’s extensive experience working with survivors of trauma, including torture, war, and human rights abuses. This is a much anticipated follow up event to her episode on The Brilliant Body Podcast entitled “Trauma and the Body with Amber Gray: Regulation, Restoration, & The Patience of Whales”

Step into the world of trauma healing, somatic psychology, and human rights advocacy with Amber Gray. With over two decades of experience in supporting survivors of trauma, including torture, war, and human rights abuses, Amber brings a wealth of expertise to her work. Through her innovative approach, which integrates dance/movement therapy, mindfulness, and creative arts, Amber offers a unique perspective on healing that honors the resilience and strength of the human spirit.

Join Ali and Amber as they explore the profound lessons gleaned from working with survivors from diverse cultural backgrounds. From the complexities of dissociation to the transformative power of Restorative Movement Psychotherapy, Amber shares invaluable insights and practices for healing trauma. Gain a deeper understanding of the adaptive function of dissociation and discover practical tools for promoting resilience and well-being in the face of adversity.

This event provides a rare opportunity to engage directly with Amber Gray, a trailblazer in the field of trauma recovery and human rights advocacy. Submit your own questions and participate in the live conversation to delve deeper into the nuances of trauma healing and somatic psychology. You can also ask what profound lessons she’s learned from swimming with whales. Don’t miss out on this chance to learn from one of the leading voices in the field and unlock the potential for healing and growth within yourself and others.

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