Somatic Expeditions // Online

Somatic Expeditions is a series of conversations and practices with over 10 somatic-awareness experts. Journey through the body into expanded awareness to connect with what’s alive and create new possibilities.

Connect to your body/mind for clarity that is vital, energizing and transformative on October 6th-10th.

When you join us for this free online EXPEDITION (via your home computer or mobile device), you can expect to:

  • Venture into practices that connect to the body’s innate intelligence.
  • Learn cutting-edge applications of body-aware practices that can create meaningful change in your life and work.
  • Meet visionaries, artists and innovators and revel in the good work that is possible when informed by somatic awareness.
  • Get inspired about how you can apply somatic awareness to your own work and life.

Reserve your spot HERE at no cost.