Sitting Alongside: A Multiversal Framework for Movement Observation & Assessment // Austin, TX

Join Amber for a training offered by Embodied Neurobiology that teaches movement observation and assessment for dance/movement therapy (D/MT) from a multiversal and multicultural perspective.

Where: Austin, TX

When: March 21 – 24

About: The history of movement observation and assessment in D/MT is briefly highlighted and acknowledged to invite inquiry into the long-term process of assessment, or sitting alongside, a client.

Students are provided with a foundational exploration of personal embodiment as the basis for clinical presence in D/MT. Students will analyze the role of observation or “gaze” with clients from a multiplicity of socio-political, socio-cultural, socio- economic, socio-spiritual, socio-geographical, socio-ethnic backgrounds. The course will offer a framework for movement observation and assessment and provides a strong theoretical base and practical application of movement observation skills and practice.

The course will include Amber’s Restorative Movement Psychotherapy and Polyvagal-informed Somatic and Dance/Movement Therapy which draws from indigenous perspectives and ways of knowing, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen’s developmental movement patterns from Body Mind Centering, and The Awareness phase of Christine Caldwell’s Moving Cycle.

3 credit (45 hours)
ADTA approved for Alternate Route credit

* Spaces are limited

* Registration deadline March 1

* Students who complete this course can be considered for acceptance in an ongoing Embodied Neurobiology Program Cohort