[REFRAME Mental Health Training]

Monday, April 25, 2024 | 10am – 5pm MT

New Mexico’s REFRAME Program supports our refugee community.  Sign up for this free training with Amber.

Location:  International District Library (Community Meeting Room), 7601 Central Ave NE, Albuquerque, NM 87108

Survivors of human rights abuse who flee violation and persecution to seek refuge in the United States face increasingly unwelcoming environments. Recent and ongoing trends in research promote somatic, mindfulness, and creative arts-based therapies as more effective than traditional behavioral approaches to addressing complex layers of violation, displacement, and suffering, and promoting resiliency.

This day-long workshop introduces basic theory supporting somatic and creative arts-(“CATS”) based approaches to working with survivors of trauma, as well as the presenter’s multi-faceted Polyvagal, Heart & Spirit -informed framework, co-developed with clients over 25 years of working together. Practices drawing from these multi-dimensional approaches serve as two-way regulation for therapist and client.

1. Participants will understand the theoretical underpinnings of Restorative Movement Psychotherapy, a Polyvagal-informed somatic approach to working with refugees and survivors of torture and trauma.
2. Participants will identify self-care and self-compassion as a primary clinical skill
3. Participants will learn 6-8 mind/body fullness, and creative and somatic practices they can integrate into their clinical work with survivors.

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