Radical Freedom: A Continuum Approach to The Restorative Process with Survivors of Trauma // Embodied Yoga Online Immersion

Saturday, November 21
12:00 – 1:15 pm (ET) // Translate into your Time

Free & Online

Continuum is a movement and life practice that invites inquiry and curiosity in mind, heart and movement. Radical Freedom is Continuum teacher, Human Rights Dance/Movement Therapist and Yoga Instructor Dr. Amber Gray’s polyvagal-informed adaptation of Continuum specifically for working with survivors. This session will integrate Yogaballah (Continuum-infused Asana practice) into an experiential exploration combining yoga Asana with Continuum breath, sound and fluid, moving explorations. Please have a mat, 1-2 blankets, cushions/bolsters as needed, water and something to write in and with, available. A small squishy ball (like a slo-mo) will also be helpful.