Psoas Above, Psoas Below: Embodying Ground and Sky

Level 3 Rialto South Tower
525 Collins St. – Melbourne

The psoas is a deep core muscle, connecting legs to spine, and often referred to as the muscle of the soul by ancients and mystics. It stabilizes, and affects mobility, flexibility, balance and more.

The psoas spirals, fans and webs as it connects our core to our ground. This class explores the psoas as a muscle-moving -continuum from core strength to spiraling dancer that may increase our capacity for moving diversity. Moving from the emergent evolutionary “edges” of the psoas, we play with it as a promoter of flexibility, freedom and fluidity. That the psoas is important to physical and emotional health is well known; this class will also explore moving relationships between the psoas, heart and head using simple sound streams, movement sequences and breath.

WHERE: Level 3 Rialto South Tower 525 Collins St, Melbourne $225 early bird paid in full by 10/4; $250 afterwards.
$450 for both workshops

For more information and registration:
Contact Zac Jones

Amber Gray