Polyvagal-Informed Approaches to Trauma Recovery // Online

Navigating the Neuroscience Landscape for Healing

In this live webinar, Dr. Amber Elizabeth Gray offers a grounded introduction to Polyvagal-informed somatic psychotherapy for trauma and covers both basic theory and practical strategies to integrate into clinical practice. This training is available for CE approval. Visit E-cares to learn more about additional board information. There is a group discount for a team of 5 or more.

Location: Live Webinar
Dates: January 19, 2024
Times: 12:00 pm  – 3:15 pm EST

Polyvagal Theory offers insight into the central role that our autonomic nervous system, and our body-mind, plays in our well-being. This central role is crucial to work with survivors of trauma. Working with survivors requires clinicians’ ability to foster reciprocity in the clinical relationship, and to co-regulate with their clients.

These processes are rooted in our somatic self-regulation capacities. Polyvagal-informed psychotherapies support clients to restore a sense of connection, meaning and belonging.


  • Discuss the basic principles of Polyvagal-informed Psychotherapies.
  • Identify the 3-5 polyvagal-informed somatic strategies to enhance self and co-regulation capacities in self and clients.
  • Explain both primary and blended states and learn 3-5 somatic practices to promote state-shifting with clients.
  • Promote reciprocity in the therapeutic alliance.