Lifestreams: Continuum as Moving Medicine, Hobart, Tasmania

Pilates J Studio
1242 Acton Road – Cambridge

Continuum is “moving medicine”. Emilie Conrad, creator of Continuum Movement, taught that all fluids are basically one element, resonating with all other fluids. They function as a kind of umbilical cord supplying us with the pulsing undulations of life. Continuum increases flexibility, motility, wellbeing, creativity, innovation, adaptability and vitality.

This workshop is an invitation to dive deep into the pool of existence within our cells and enter the play of life through Continuum, a practice that involves simple sound streams (to stir the fluid that resides within our tissues), breathing patterns, and slow, organic movements. In this workshop, we will have opportunities to address specific participant or client issues as defined by the group.

This workshop is open to movement artists and practitioners, therapists, body workers and all those committed to a deep exploration of how life reveals itself in each and every breath and movement we create.

Over the weekend we will focus on how Continuum aids us to restore fluidity and health to our tissue, our movement, and overall well-being, after specific injuries, chronic stress, and/or exposure to life challenging or traumatic events. Reference will be made to how Continuum has been used with survivors of large-scale disasters, interpersonal violence and physical injury to guide our own fluid inquiries.

WHEN: 3-5 March 2017 Friday 6-9pm Saturday 1-6:30pm Sunday 10am-4pm

WHERE: Pilates J studio of Julie Hills, 1242 Acton Road, Cambridge, Tasmania

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For logistical information, contact Julie Hills: or 0402 827 651