Intimacy with the Unknown

Intimacy with the Unknown: A Ground in the Swirl Sequel

“When nothing is sure, everything is possible.”
Margaret Drabble

The Ground in the Swirl series was a heart offering response to the immediacy of the COVID-19 crisis. Intimacy with the Unknown is an invitation to deepen the practices and processes explored in this series. As our global community enters into varying types of transition—the space between, rich with the fertile ground of uncertainty—mastering our bodies’ abilities to practice deep listening can anchor us. This Ground in the Swirl sequel is an invitation to engage practical, embodied strategies for self-regulating and adapting, while finding support through the ritual and ceremony of connection: Connection to our selves, one another, and the natural environment. As we embody strength, flow and ground, we expand our spheres of connection to weave support. 

This series draws from practices and processes shared in the original series (likely with a few new ones as well 🙂) and “unfolds” them in the context of ritual and ceremony. These practices promote access to our bodies’ ability to be both physiological predictability and sacred refuge. Intimacy with the Unknown is an opportunity to dive deeper into the heart and soul of this work.

Times & Dates

Offered Wednesdays:
May 27 – June 17, 2020
9-11 AM MDT/USA; 11 AM-1 PM EDT/USA; 4-6PM Central Europe Daylight Time

Offered Thursdays:
May 21 – June 11, 2020
4-6 PM MDT/USA; 8-10 AM Australia EDT; 10 AM-12 PM New Zealand Daylight Time

NOTE: You can select your time zone on the registration form to confirm your local meeting time. See details below for registration.


Suggested donation for the series: USD $70-100
Suggested donation per session: USD $15-25

You can make your donation here. OR Venmo @Amber-Gray-13
Donations are separate from registration. You must register using the links below to receive the Zoom links.


You must register for each individual session you want you attend using the links below. If you wish to attend the entire series, you must complete the registration forms for each date listed. You will receive a confirmation email upon registering, and a second email closer to the date with any additional information for the upcoming session.


It is recommended you have the following available when we meet:

  • Candle and matches to light
  • Earth—either be near an outdoor place if you can; if not—have a potted plant or a bowl of dirt/sand/clay available
  • Sculpey, Play-Doh, or clay
  • Journal/notepad and pen/pencil
  • Things to draw and color (colored pencils, crayons, etc.) and something to draw on
  • Favorite moving/stretching/dancing music cued up (or at least know what song you feel like hearing)
  • A variety of sitting/lying down props (physio balls, mats and blankets, cushions, comfy chairs, stools, etc.)

Be in a space where you can move, even if from a chair and even if it’s just a little. Everything we do is adaptable to indoor/outdoor and small to big spaces, urban and wild places—just like we human animals.

We will not use these in every sessions and it is very likely you will be invited to gather other objects on a class by class basis. This is a beginning list for what we will want to access during out time together.