Continuum & Continuurhythm® // Human Movement Conference

Bathing the Bones: An Introduction to Continuum

Friday, October 2, 8:15-10:15 AM MT

Continuum is “moving medicine”. It is a movement and life practice originated by Emilie Conrad
that uses breath, sound and movement to awaken our innate, primal movement. Emilie Conrad
taught that all fluids are basically one element, resonating with all other fluids. They function as
a kind of umbilical cord supplying us with the pulsing undulations of life. Continuum movement
increases flexibility, motility, wellbeing, creativity, innovation, adaptability and vitality.

Our movement patterns have origins in the sea. Connecting to this fluid system offers levels of
nourishment, liberation and healing that restore, youthfulness, playfulness and ease. This
introduction to the Continuum will weave breath and sound together with movement sequences
to invite free-flowing, organic movement. Bringing fluid movement into other movement practices
can increase their potential for healing, strengthening and diversifying movement range.


Friday, October 2, 10:30-11:30 AM MT

Continuurhythm® integrates Continuum, a fluid embodied practice inspired by the undulations of
human movement, Polyvagal-informed dance and soma-movement therapies, and sacred dance. Continuurhythm® offers a rhythmic, physically strengthening and spirit nourishing “workin” for whole body fitness. It is appropriate for movers and dancers of all levels of experience and fitness who want to connect to the deep roots of all movement, the ease and flow of wave motion – our inner choreographer.

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