Heartlines at MOVE Studio in Santa Fe

MOVE Studio
901 W San Mateo Rd – Santa Fe

Open the Door to Your Heart

Walk right on in
Let your love come running in
Open the door to your heart…
Let it flow like the river
Let it shine like the light

Nick Kamen

The human heart has captivated philosophers, artists, scientists, and poets for eons. It is at once an organ that is essential to life, and the “home” of energetic and emotional qualities essential to humanity: Love, caring, sadness, and more. It is an organized system; a feeling and perhaps thinking brain, and the source of emergent behavior. This Continuum evening class combines a brief anatomical overview of the heart with a breath, sound and movement based Continuum exploration. Opening the “door to our hearts”, we explore our hearts through stillpoints, spirals and suspension in space.

WHERE: MOVE, 901 San Mateo, Santa Fe
COST: $35.00
CONTACT: Amber Gray, 505-603- 7021; restorativeresources@gmail.com