Ground in the Swirl // Online webinar offering

Class Dates & Times (Mountain Time/USA):

9 am MT/USA



In a recent supervision session, a colleague in Italy suggested I offer the practices I shared with her in an online forum. Her exact words were “This can help us regain a sense of self amidst this crisis”.

Ground in the Swirl is a straightforward, practical class offering embodied, movement-based approaches to promote state shifting when a vastly evolving reality undermines our ability to be present. Experiencing fear, worry, anxiety, overwhelm, depression, stress, etc. is a normal response to a rapidly changing situation in which lives are threatened. The practices shared in this class will support participants to find more ease and support for everything we feel though the grounded wisdom of our body. Practices are grounded in Continuum, Dance/Movement Therapy, Somatic Psychology, Polyvagal Theory, and Amber’s extensive field experience.

The COVID-19 global public health emergency is rife with unknowns and uncertainty. We are all tasked with significant life change, more quickly than can be comfortable. We are all asked to cease our usual movements, and many of us will be forced to remain in one place.

These sessions won’t cover information about COVID-19; it will get “straight to the moment” and support us all to breathe, be still, move and find ground in the swirl.

If possible, have available a large physio ball, any kind of smaller ball of any material or texture, any kind of elastic or stretch band, dowels or even a stick.

I am a Somatic Psychotherapist and Dance/Movement Therapist with 23 years experience working with complex, interpersonal trauma, and 30+ years working with disasters and complex humanitarian emergencies through the lens of public health, mental health and humanitarian response.

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