Fluid Heart, Open Mind // Hawthorn

When: February 14-16, 2020, 11am-5pm

Where: Habitat Uniting Church, Hawthorn

Cost: $580/$520

Continuum is a movement practice that is inspired by sounding and fluid, moving sequences innate to your own body. It is mindful movement: increasing your awareness and focusing your attention on the deepest stirrings beneath each impulse, movement and action. By tapping into your body’s own sense of intelligence and justice, this practice is a portal for cultivating deep self-compassion and presence, for heartfull action in your own life and in the world.

As experience carves new neural pathways and expands the capacity of our brain, so innovations in our movement and action might increase our capacity to connect to the worlds around us.

Engaging in our heart’s call for connection and evolution’s gift of neuro- and Bioplasticity™, this 3-day immersion is an opportunity to explore your own uniquely embodied pathway to fully engaged and compassionate sensing, feeling, dreaming, creating, moving and living.