Dreamscape: A Continuum Moving Inquiry // Online

Art Credit: The Pitjantjatjara Community

WHEN: Saturday, November 7, 1:00-6:30 PM CT

WHERE: Online at home via Zoom

COST: $100 (inquire for student & COVID hardship rates: registration@ambergray.com) 

This is an invitation to virtually explore Continuum for those who are new and those with experience. This dive is in preparation for “The Serpent’s Dream”, a depths retreat at Wood Haven ATX in Austin, TX coming this Spring. It’s also a thorough and complete stand alone Continuum mini immersion.

Continuum is a moving practice that invites embodied self-reflection, deep assimilation, and deep rest. In a world that moves quickly and is often impatient of our inner guidance and wisdom, we can lose the heartbeat of our own rhythm. Coupled with the current global environment spanning uncertainty, collective loss and fear, and the challenge and possibility of BIG CHANGE, we can lose our sense of center. Gathering wisdom about body knowing through our own deep listening in a breath, sound and movement- scape, this 1 day introduction to Continuum is inspired by earth, ocean, and a vast field of stars, inside and around us. This class will focus on sound, spirals, and stillness as medicine.


Download the event flyer here.