Dancing the Wild Home // TONGA

A Restorative Movement & Whale Encounter Retreat in TONGA

The Ocean is home. Considered the mother of us all in many sacred traditions, she absorbs more carbon dioxide than anything else on our planet. For every breath we take, we have the ocean to thank for offering the gift of oxygen, and therefore, of life.

Whales are magnificent wisdom carriers of the ocean, with much to share about compassion and generosity. Our own bodies are 70-80% water; the remnants of oceanic living, still inside us and available to teach us about flow, creativity and resiliency. This restorative movement retreat combines daily whale and often, other ocean dweller (dolphins, turtles, manta rays) encounters, with daily movement and dance practices, explorations, and “dives.”

We will also have an opportunity to visit stunning coral reefs and beaches. Our Tongan whale guides have grown up with Humpbacks, and create whale encounter experiences that are respectful for the whales and safe for all.

This is a magical retreat that uniquely combines Continuum, yoga, and other healing movement with whale encounters in the soothing environment of the South Pacific.

Each day will be a journey into the sacred and the restorative through continuum, restorative movement, yoga, sacred dance and whale encounters.

For costs, travel, & registration: 

+1 (505) 603-702

2019 TONGA Dancing the Wild Home Flyer