Dancing the Wild Home 2024 // Tonga

When: August 27 – September 5, 2024

Where: Ha’apai, Tonga

Questions: restorativeresources@gmail.com


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About: This retreat is a unique and life-changing exploration of our relationship to the ocean and its inhabitants. We spend some of each day (except Sunday) on land, engaging in restorative movement practices to prepare us for our time spent in the ocean. Half the day is spent in the ocean, swimming with humpback whales, and sometimes, manta rays, sea turtles and dolphins. There is ample free time to walk the truly remote island of Uoleva, nap in hammocks, relax and read on the beach, and explore the magical coral reef that is returning to “full bloom” after a typhoon destroyed it. The colors are amazing! We spend the 9 days at an elegantly rustic eco-resort, where the simplicity and company of nature soothes and balms the Spirit. This is a remote location reached by a local plane and boat ride. There is no electricity; showers are solar and accommodation is in local style falas, made of wood, concrete or other local materials. We sleep surrounded by the wild island pigs, butterflies, birds and abundant green.

The Ocean is home. Considered the mother of us all in many sacred traditions, she absorbs more carbon dioxide than anything else on our planet. For every breath we take, we have the ocean to thank for offering the gift of oxygen, and therefore, of life. In these times of profound climate crisis, our health depends on planetary health. Planetary health depends on ocean health.

Whales are magnificent wisdom carriers of the ocean, with much to share about compassion and generosity. Our own bodies are 70-80% water; the remnants of oceanic living are still inside us and available to teach us about flow, creativity, and resiliency. This restorative eco-somatic retreat combines daily whale and other ocean-dwelling creature encounters with movement, dance, breath, sound, and engaged writing practices, explorations, and deep “dives.” We also support Tonga, an island threatened by rising and polluted waters, through inspired action to help us steward mother earth.

Amber Elizabeth Gray is an award-winning dance movement therapist, an authorized Continuum teacher, a hatha yoga teacher, and a long-time student and teacher of Haitian sacred dance. Her life’s work is supporting survivors of traumatic life experiences to reconnect to themselves and the world. Learn more about Amber here.


Cost & logistical information:

Cost of the retreat for 9 days includes accommodation, meals, RT boat transfer if traveling with group, daily whale swims/guides/boat. Airfare and incidentals are not included. Non refundable Deposit of $500 USD per person due upon registration. This holds your place.

Singles: USD $4095.00 per person

Doubles: USD $3095.00 per person


Payment Schedules:

Singles: Non refundable deposit of USD $500 due to register.


  • $1000 due by May 1, 2024.
  • $1000 due by June 15, 2024.
  • $1595 due July 15, 2024.

Shared: Non refundable deposit of USD $500 due to register.


  • $1000 due by May 1, 2024.
  • $1000 due by June 15, 2024.
  • $595 due by July 15, 2024.


Please note our cancellation policy:

In case of cancellation, all but deposit is refundable through May 1, 2024. 50% of retreat cost minus deposit refundable until June 1, 2024. 25% of retreat cost minus deposit refundable until July 1, 2024. After July 1, no refunds possible.

To reserve your space, please complete the following information and send a USD $500 non refundable deposit.

Payment preferences:

  1. Zelle – amber@ecentral.com
  2. Venmo (@Amber-Gray-13)
  3. Wise -Amber has Wise accounts in AUD, NZD, Euros, and CAD. If you would like that information please email restorativeresources@gmail.com.
  4. PayPal (due to increasing fees, this is not a highly preferred payment method)

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PHOTO CREDIT: Jack Hatfield

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