Continuum at The Edge // Santa Fe, NM

Moving through Uncertainty & Change with Grace & Ease

When • Tuesdays, 6-9pm • 9/17/1910/15/19 • 11/26/19

Where • Puerta de la Luna, 546 Harkle Rd, Ste B, Santa Fe, NM

Cost • $35/class

Our bodies connect, contain and support our movement through life. In these times of increased speed, busy-ness, demand and undeniable climate change on our planetary home, opportunities to quiet and restore can seem fleeting.

Continuum is a movement and life practice that tones and relaxes our muscle and bone body, tonifies and balances our nervous system, clears our mind, sparks our heart and revitalizes our spirit. Originated by somatic pioneer Emilie Conrad, Continuum is medicine for our uncertain times.

The human body is dwelling place for our spirit. Born of Emilie’s encounters with the rich spiritual dance traditions of Haiti, the recognition that life is energy is the heart-center of this practice. Weaving together breath, sound and movement, Continuum restores the natural rhythm and landscape of our body-home, increasing our capacity to tend to our earth home. This 3 class series offers mindful movement in service of our well- being and inter-connectedness.

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