Body As Voice: Restorative Movement Psychotherapy For Survivors Of Trauma

Centro Om Yoga
Castellata 10/A – Bologna

Amber is returning to Europe to offer her unique body, movement and rhythm-based framework for promoting resiliency and processing traumatic experience in clients who are survivors of traumatic life events.

This 3-part training is based on the facilitator’s 20 years experience as a Dance Movement Therapist and Somatic Psychotherapist specializing in interpersonal trauma, including torture treatment, refugee mental health, ritual abuse, childhood trauma and human rights violations, in crosses cultural contexts. Part 1 and 2 are currently approved for ADTA Alternate Route (Graduate Level) Training, and Part 3 is in process.

The training emphasizes:

  • Ongoing cultivation of somatic self-awareness, self-compassion and self-love,
  • Prevention and mitigation of vicarious trauma,
  • Enhancing somatic listening skills,
  • Contact, connection and relatedness through promotion of internal state-shifting and social engagement
  • “State-shifting” to resource through the body, and dampen negative affect,
  • Integrate breath, body and movement based practices and processes into trauma processing to restore meaning and belonging.

“This training transformed my embodied knowledge of trauma, its process and healing trajectory. On top of unpacking important theories, the course is especially thorough in integrating opportunities for experiential understanding. I really appreciated the rich case studies and demos Amber brings into the course, and opportunities to work in smaller groups or dyads to explore therapeutic applications and our own relationship to this work. Perhaps the most powerful for me, Body as Voice helped restore and enhance my own self-compassion and a more authentic presence with others.”