Body as Voice Part III // Austin, TX

The Body as Voice: Restorative Movement Psychotherapy for Survivors of Trauma series is Alternate Route approved for those pursing their BC-DMT. It is also approved for CE’s for a vast variety of mental health and other professionals by R. Cassidy Seminars. The Alternate Route program is currently taught as 3, 4-day intensive trainings and is appropriate for those with some background in Dance/Movement Therapy, Somatic Psychology or other embodied approaches to therapy. For other professionals and disciplines, it is tailored in 3-5 day modules offered in a culturally appropriate frequency. Both the Poto Mitan Framework and RMP are described or referenced in several publications.

The three part series in Restorative Movement Psychotherapy is taught as:

  1. Body-Mind, Beginners Mind: Focus on embodiment, self care, self compassion and self-practice. Emphasizes body and movement based stabilization sequences for working with traumatized clients.
  2. Body Wisdom, Body Narratives: Focus on dyadic healing, reciprocal alliance; clinical intuition and clinical reciprocity to facilitate processing traumatic histories and wholistic integration.
  3. Body as Voice: The Collective Body: Focus on group work, from small groups (including families) to large groups and community-based mental health. This “playshop” is a dynamic synthesis of Creative Arts, Dance and Movement, and Rhythm and Voice.

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