54 Annual ADTA Conference // Miami, FL

Amber is presenting at the annual American Dance Therapy Association conference on both Polyvagal-informed dance/movement therapy with asylum seeking survivors of torture, and the ancient roots of dance/movement therapy as reflected through Haitian sacred dance.

Calling Grace: The Science and Spirit of Dance Movement Therapy with Survivors of Relational Trauma

The socio-political landscape of the United States is divisive for immigrant survivors of torture. Torture, a direct assault to the body-mind, undermines humanity. The body becomes the betrayer. Working with survivors requires recognition of their traumatic past and their resilience, often rooted in faith, grace and spirit. Dance/movement therapy, uniquely positioned at the crossroads of science and spirit, is best practice for working with relational trauma. A practical theoretical framework informed by neuroscience and non-Western healing traditions frames an in depth case study highlighting the intersection of science and spirit to restore belonging, home in the body, and dignity. (NBCC CE hours; ADTA CE hours; NY LCAT CPE hours)

The Diverse Lineage of DMT’s Archetypal Roots: Isadora Duncan and Haitian Dance

This workshop honors history as repetition and invites innovation in healing through dance/movement therapy. Combining universal and diverse elements of movement healing, we explore archetypal patterns from the natural world as seen through the lens of Haitian sacred dance, Continuum Movement, and the therapeutic pedagogy of Isadora Duncan. The legacy of dance/movement therapy, reflected through these dance forms, validates the universality and diversity of embodiment through our relationship to nature. This universality makes the work relevant for diverse cross cultural populations. Casework, experiential sequences, and audio visual presentations from the two workshop leaders’ extensive fieldwork are included. (NBCC CE hours; ADTA CE hours; NY LCAT CPE hours)