Continuurhythm®: Polyvagal informed Continuum at Tensegrity in Sunshine Coast, Australia

Tensegrity Studio
306 Kiel Mountain Road – Kiels Mountain, Sunshine Coast

Very special three day workshop with Amber Gray on the Sunshine Coast.

The Continuum Movement, pioneered by Emilie Conrad, is an antidote to the challenges of an uncertain world. Continuum is a renowned self discovery method, a revitalizing movement practice, and a transformational life practice.

Breath, sound and movement sequences ranging from slow and subtle to fluidly dynamic form the basis of our three days of movement exploration.

Continuum Movement was “born” in Haiti; inspired by the undulating movements of Haitian dancers in ceremony, Emilie was inspired to explore the source of free, unconstrained movement for pleasure, for wellness, and to counter the effects of stress, aging, illness, injury, and trauma.

Continuurhythm® is authorized Continuum teacher Amber Gray’s unique synthesis of Haitian dance, Dr. Stephen Porges polyvagal theory, and Continuum. This polyvagal informed and Haitian dance inspired Continuum workshop will integrate extended movement practices with polyvagal theory and teachings from Haitian sacred tradition. It is appropriate for movers of all levels of experience and fitness, and for those working with or living with trauma, stress injury, physical injury, and chronic pain. It is also perfect for movement therapists and artists, bodyworkers, somatic practitioners, psychotherapists, healers and dancers who want to connect to the deep roots of all movement; our own inner choreographer, the fluid, resilient body.