Earth Body Meditation: Rooting into Beloved Ground with Amber Gray

Embark on a journey of connection and grounding in this beautiful Earth Body Meditation led by Amber Gray. Rooted in Amber’s dual heritage of white settler colonizer and Native American ancestry, this practice merges Native American and Vodou traditions to deepen our sense of being of the earth. Explore sensory memory as you envision placing your feet on your beloved patch of earth, sensing its textures, smells, and colors. Through gentle movement and stillness, allow the earth to speak to you, guiding your body into a reciprocal dance of reciprocity and reverence. Find solace in the stories of this sacred place and the beings who have called it home, as you cultivate a profound sense of presence and rootedness.

This meditation is an excerpt from Amber’s live event and an encore to her episode Trauma and the Body with Amber Gray: Regulation, Restoration, & The Patience of Whales.