Body as Voice Part II Evaluation

Please complete the evaluation for Body as Voice Part II. Submissions are anonymous unless you choose to include your email. Thank you!



As a result of this course, I am more confident of my ability to utilize structured, somatic and movement based practices in my work with survivors of trauma.(required)

As a result of this course, I can describe the basic theoretical premises of The Poto Mitan Trauma & Resiliency Framework.(required)

I can work with the Primary Portals to Embodiment for myself and with my trauma surviving clients.(required)

I have an increased understanding of The Polyvagal Theory and Polyvagal-informed DMT.(required)

I can describe the Secondary Portals to Embodiment of Restorative Movement Psychotherapy to clinical work with survivors of trauma.(required)

I have ideas how to, or, am able to apply two of the 3 Secondary Portals to Embodiment (Space and Time) to clinical process work.(required)

I understand boundary ruptures as a consequence of trauma and can use DMT-based processes and practices to help re-establish boundaries.(required)

I can apply movement-based clinical processing skills for trauma memory processing.(required)

The instructor was prepared, knowledgeable, and used appropriate teaching methods.(required)

I would recommend this class to colleagues.(required)